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Women of Nepal

kimberly brambillaComment

I knew I wanted to stock the Nepal Angel Bracelets at Heaven's Boutique the first moment I saw them. They caught my eye because they are both colorful and beautiful and I loved that they are hand knitted by women of Nepal.  Anything that promotes and empowers women always catches my attention.  They've become a popular item with people buying them both as gifts and for themselves. After I received the latest shipment, I decided to learn more about what life is like for women in Nepal. 

As in so many parts of the world, life is difficult and challenging for women.  Nepal is the poorest country in South Asia.  In Nepalese culture girls are not always valued as much as boys.  Many girls as young as 5 & 6 years old are forced to work rather than attend school.  Child brides are commonplace.  Nepal is actually one of the few countries where life expectancy of women is lower than that of men.  This is partly due to the fact that many young girls who are married off at young ages become pregnant very young.  Girls and women often face abuse, human trafficking, poor health care, little or no employment or opportunities and abandonment. Often times, many women are left to take care of children and the home alone while the husbands look abroad for work leaving for long periods of time. Widows also are presented with many of these same challenges.  A combination of social & religious beliefs, and cultural norms contribute to the situation many of these women are in. 

Each time I receive a shipment of Nepal Angel Bracelets, package them for customers or put one on myself, I am reminded of these brave women.  Even if only for a few brief moments, my mind focuses its attention on them and their struggles.  I am reminded of how much I've received, encouraged to do more & inspired to pray for them.