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Puerto Rico

kimberly brambillaComment

When we turn on our televisions or read stories on the internet many times we just want to turn them off with so much negativity and sadness.  With recent events, the destruction in the Caribbean, wildfires in California, the refugee crisis in Myanmar, Syria and throughout the world, earthquakes in Mexico, the list goes on and on, one can begin to feel hopeless or uncertain what they can do to make a difference.  After watching news stories myself one rainy afternoon and feeling this exact way, I started texting a friend about the situation in Puerto Rico.  I told her I wanted a shovel in hand to dig through rubble in Mexico or a chainsaw to help clear trees off the roads in Puerto Rico.  I didn't want to watch these stories or just talk about them I wanted to do something.  My friend had already started collecting relief supplies and donations throughout St. Augustine, Florida and within about 2 weeks time, 6 pallets worth of goods were packaged and shipped to Puerto Rico.  They actually just arrived today!  We are now planning to collect more donations and travel to Puerto Rico to distribute and help.  Below is a link to a Go Fund Me campaign we just started yesterday.  I would invite everyone to take a look at it, share it with as many friends, family, colleagues, and social media contacts as possible and pray!